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Rose-Heyyy! The perfect way to unwind! Run a bath, fill it with Bath Salts, light the Candle, slap on the Clay Masque, pour yourself a Rosé and munch on the yummiest Protein Balls - evening sorted!

All hand selected products come in our signature white matte boxes tied up with our ribbon and tags. Included inside is our choice of card designed by Bianca Cash. You'll be able to leave a message that we hand write, in the checkout process.

1 x Crafters Union Rose

1 x Salt by Hendrix Bath Salts

1 x Love Ludie Mini Candle

1 x Fullfilled Co Tube

1 x Summer Salt White Clay Masque


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Crafters Union Rosé

A 2016 Hawke's Bay, New Zealand Rose. This delicate, lush, fruity blend has notes of Watermelon and Strawberry.


Salt By Hendrix Bath Salts in Ylang Ylang and French Clay

Relax, revitalize and invigorate with our bath salts to enhance your wellbeing. Magnesium is an excellent means for calming the nervous system, preventing water retention and increasing circulation; while potassium balances moisture in the skin. Salt minerals have long been relished for detoxifying treatments; whilst our French Pink clay, infused in the salts, draws toxins from the skin, tightens pores and removes dead skin cells.

SALT uses, wherever possible, organic/highest quality essential oils. Due to the purity of these essential oils and their therapeutic benefits, this product is not recommended for use during pregnancy.


Love Ludie x Jasmine Dowling Mini Candle

18 HOUR BURN TIMEThe Jasmine candle is a collaboration with the incredibly talented artist and blogger Jasmine Dowling. Jasmine and LOVE LUDIE have come together to create a limited edition - yet timeless candle creation.The fragrance has top notes of an exotic blend of freshly cut Jasmine flowers and subtle base notes of rosewood, that also combines bergamot jasmine and ylang ylang.


Fulfilled Co Protein Balls (5)

Gluten Free, Refined Sugar Free, No Dates. 100% Natural and No Preservatives, these Protein Balls are the tastiest guilt free snack going around!


Summer Salt White Clay Masque

This pure White Clay Face Masque is calming, cooling and softens the skin. This is our most gentle facial masque which makes it ideal for sensitive and irritated skin, dull complexions and sufferers of Rosacea.Suitable for all skin types. Particularly good for dry or sensitive skin. Makes 16+ ApplicationsIncludes application brush & mixing spoon.





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