kate hodolic

 With a background in Event Styling and Hospitality, Kate Hodolic always knew she wanted to one day have her own business. With constant ideas whirling in her head, some awful, like hand glittered swizzle sticks (GLITTER EVERYWHERE!) and some awesome (like this one!), she really felt Melbourne could use an Afternoon Pick Me Up!

 Born from wanting to give her friends beautiful gifts that she would also love to receive, APMU was really started after a good push from her husband. One day after countless discussions of should she shouldn't she, he asked the huge question of, 'what if someone else does it before you?' Her response was 'I'd be devastated' and that was just the motivation she needed to go for it!

 She took the leap and began googling How to run a business, and it's grown from there! Now she works with the best brands in Australia with a focus on Health, Wellness and Design, and just last week has launched a brand new collection available Nationwide! Her aim is simple, help others show their love and appreciation to those they hold most dear. 





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