It's THAT time of year again! My annual Diary/Planner round up! Here you'll find 7 2019 Planners created by amazing Aussie businesses.

These beauties range in features and colours, here's some things to think about when you're trying to decide on the perfect planner for you and for your 2019!

- How do I use my Planner? Does it sit on my desk all year? Is it in my bag all year?

- Why do I use my Planner? Do I use it to plan AND document or JUST to plan?

- Do I use it for work or social? Or both?

- Do I need space to take notes and dream?

- Do I need to meal plan or organise other areas in my Planner too?


Consider all these questions about how you use your planner to help you narrow down your search!

Here's how I use mine -

- How do I use my Planner? Does it sit on my desk all year? Is it in my bag all year?

Mine goes with me everywhere, so it has to be durable and ideally not fabric. Fabric tends to soak in stains and ends up looking ratty quite quickly!

- Why do I use my Planner? Do I use it to plan AND document or JUST to plan?

I use mine to plan my weeks, while I don't consider it a keepsake where I write everything that happened in detail, I do keep all my planners and occasionally look back on them!

- Do I use it for work or social? Or both?

Both, I plan appointments, brunches, meetings, parties and catch ups!

- Do I need space to take notes and dream?

I love being able to take notes weekly, it helps me keep track of what I need to remeber to do that week! I do have a seperate book that I take weekly notes in, but its a bonus when everything is together!

- Do I need to meal plan or organise other areas in my Planner too?

I love being able to meal plan, have a running grocery list for the week and have a notes section each week!


So here's the summary of what I look for in a planner

- Not fabric

- A5 size - I find this is the perfect fit for my handbag and being able to actually see everything

- Week to a page - I don't have meetings all day that i need to track by the hour and I love being able to see my whole week at a glance.

- Space for notes/meal planning/grocery list, ideally on each week!

- Multiple Ribbons dividers - the more the merrier to make for easier access to the areas I need.

Without further ado, my top picks for 2019 Diaries (in no particukar order!)


An Organised Life 2019 Weekly Diary

Colours - Black leather or Black fabric

My pick - Black Leather

A classic minimal look diary with hard wearing leather with luxe acid free paper and gold foil details. This beauty is all about clean lines, clean design and no fuss!


- Week per double spread

- Light-weight leather

- Gold foil detailing

- Acid free paper

- Goal planning and inspiration pages

- Back Pocket

-Elastic closure

- 2 x Ribbon bookmarks




- Clean, sleek, minimal layout with pretty gold foil detail

- Elastic closure, so handy for taking on the go

- 2 x Bookmarks - the more the merrier!

- Lightweight - easy to carry in your handbag



- No note space on each page




A simple, minimal diary that will stand last well being thrown in a handbag all year and still look gorgeous on your desk.

Other Planners in the An Organised Life Collection

Emma Kate Co 2019 Weekly Planner

Colours - Blush, Terra Rose, Botanical Green, Dove Grey

My Pick - Blush

You all know how much we love everything Emma Kate designs too! Always filled with whimsy touches that feel like magic, this years planners are no exception! The colour selection is GORGEOUS and it'll be tricky to decide on your fave, that's for sure!




- Vertical weekly layout

- Dot grid pages for dreaming and planning

- Brush lettering on each page

- 3 ribbon dividers

- Expandable pocket at the back

- Rose gold foiled sticker sheets

- Rose Gold foil edging



- Vertical layout - this makes so much sense for me, to write lists, things to remember and bits and bobs

- Notes section on each page - yes!

- 3 ribbon dividers - hell yes to the more the merrier!

- Love the dot grid pages - perfect to plan or dream!

- Rose Gold edging is such a luxe touch



- Only con is trying to figure out which colour to get!




A beautifully presented planner that you can tell how much planning and detail has been poured into. I love the vertical layout, it's so practical but also just makes sense in my mind. The space each week to plan or dream is perfect. Seriously though, choosing colours is HARD!

Other colours by Emma Kate Co


Blacklist 2019 Weekly Leather Diary

Colours - Blush, Black (other options in fabric too)

My Pick - Blush

SUCH a gorgeous front cover, I'm already swooning, the gold foil detail on blush is totally up my alley, and the script they've designed is gorgeous!



- Week to a page layout

- Soft Vegan leather

- Gold foil details

- Gold Foil edging

- 1 x Ribbon bookmark



- Perfect Blush Hue

- Sturdy, soft leather for a long lasting diary

- handbag and desk friendly



- No notes section on each page

- Minimal space to write

- Only one bookmark




Love the look of this diary from the outside, and love that it's made with vegan leather. However there isn't much room to write in each week.

Bianca Cash The Datekeeper 2019

Colours - Sage, Mustard, Lavender, Rust

My Pick - Mustard or Rust (Can't decide!!)

It's no secret we love Bianca Cash and everything she creates, and her Datekeepers are no exception! Filled with sweet illo's throughout and with a huge range of colours this year, we know these beauties will sell out QUICK!



- Week to a page layout

- Equal space for weekdays and weekends

- Weekly to-do list section

- Weekly 3 things I'm thankful for

- Hand written and drawn illustrations througout

- Sticker sheets



- To do list on each page - yessss huge win!

- 3 things you're grateful for - I LOVE that this is a weekly spot to reflect on gratefulness

- Colours - so many good colours that it's hard to choose this year!

- Sticker sheets - SUCH cute illustrations to make your diary all kinds of sweet



- Fabric - although if you get the rust colour it might be more forgiving of dirt etc!

- One fabric bookmark




A super sweet diary with lots of bonus features in some seriously great colours! And the illustrations throughout are really what make it so beautiful!


Saint Belford Curation 2019 Diary

Colours - Cherry Blossom, Midnight Navy, Black

My Pick - Cherry Blossom

In only it's second year of publication, Saint Belford have brought in even more goodness than last years first diary! With brand new colours, and their huge focus on health and wellness, this diary packs a huge punch in keeping ALL the things in one place!




- Week to a page layout

- Self care planner on each page

- Habit Curator

- Savings Curator

- Pre week planner

- Meal Planner

- Weekly Drawing Board

- Two ribbon dividers



- Pre- week meal planner - this is such a stroke of genius, especially having it before each week so that you can plan at the start of the week.

- Daily self care planner - perfect for scheduling in your workouts or activity

- Checklist on each page - brilliant to have space for appointments as well as to-do's

- Habit tracker - to keep track of all those wellness things we want to achieve

- Drawing board - so brilliant for getting your ideas on paper, and seeing where they go



- The only con I can think of is that beacause of all it's amazing extras, this beauty is quite thick, so may not be ideal for carrying in your hand bag.




A diary PACKED full of all the things you want to get on top of in your life and have a million apps for, it's really the perfect place to combine them all! And the additional colours this year are gorge!

Fox & Fallow Rose Quartz Vegan Leather 2019 Planner

Colours - Rose Quartz, Stardust, Poppy

My Pick - Rose Quartz

Oh pink and rose gold foil - so beautiful! And the design on the cover is next level gorgeous AND it's leather so it'll last and still look amaze at the end of the year!


- Week to a page layout

- Vegan Leather cover

- Rose Gold detailing

- 1 x Ribbon divider

- Notes and contact sections



- Vegan leather - hellooo lasting all year in your handbag!

- Gorgeous floral images throughout

- Pink and Rose foil detail



- No notes section on each page

- Only 1 ribbon divider




A beautifully designed diary with gorgeous floral prints and that cover is GORGE! And this beauty will definitely last all year, with it's sturdy binding and leather cover!

Other Planners by Fox & Fallow

MiGoals Soft Cover 2019 Diary

Colours - Coral, Grey, Black, Navy

My Pick - Coral

I used a MiGoals diary last year, and I'm so glad to see that they've gone back to a leatherette cover instead of fabric!



- Sections for goal and vision planning

- Week to a page layout with notes section

- Weekly Habits Tracker

- Weekly Wins tracker

- 2 divider ribbons

- Leatherette Cover




- Notes section on each page - love being able to scribble notes and things to remember for each week

- Habit/goal/focus tracker - brilliant for keeping everything in one place and getting on top of!

- Lots of goal planning sections to get real specific about your goals and break them down

- 2 ribbon dividers

- Leatherette look cover



Would be so great to see some other colours in the range, like Khaki in the soft cover.


To Recap!

Best Diary for Goal Setting - MiGoals or Saint Belford

Best Diary for getting all areas of life organised - Saint Belford

Best Diary for Dreaming - Emma Kate Co

Best Diary for Minimal Style - An Organised Life or Blacklist

Best Diary for your handbag - Fox & Fallow or An Organised Life

Best Diary for your Desk - Bianca Cash or Saint Belford

Best Cute Diary - Bianca Cash

Best Pretty Diary - Fox & Fallow or Emma Kate Co

Diaries available in PINK - Emma Kate Co, Blacklist, Fox & Fallow, MiGoals


Which 2019 Diary will you be

choosing this year?

October 29, 2018 — Kate Hodolic