Top 8 2020 Diaries for Australian Creatives


It's THAT time of year again! My annual Diary/Planner round up! Here you'll find 8 2020 Planners created by amazing Aussie businesses.

I can't quite believe it's already that time of year again, to start thinking about diaries for next year, but as I always say, September, October and November just don't exist, it goes straight from August to December in two seconds flat!

So I've done all the hard work for you, compared all the NEW offerings for Paper diaries created by Aussie Small businesses, to help you choose your fave, and get your year off to a cracking start!

This year is ALL about Monogramming! LOTS of these diaries offer FREE Monogramming on their diaries, and what better way to personalise your most used possession (other than your phone duh!)

Why Aussie? Why Small Business? and Why Paper?

As an Aussie Small business, we at Afternoon Pick Me Up LOVE supporting other Aussie Small businesses. We believe in lifting each other up, celebrating each others offerings and supporting each other by engaging, purchasing and yelling out loud when we love other brands products!

Oh and why paper? I've tried to switch to tech planners after much begging from my husband, but mate, the tech world is not for me when it comes to my diary. I want it infront of me, crisp pages and squiggly doodles. I want to be able to cross things out, stick things in, plan, create and dream. That's why a paper diary is for me.


To help you choose a planner that is right for you, have a think on these questions to find out what's important for you!

- How do I use my Planner? Does it sit on my desk all year? Is it in my bag all year?

- Why do I use my Planner? Do I use it to plan AND document or JUST to plan?

- Do I use it for work or social? Or both?

- Do I need space to take notes and dream?

- Do I need to meal plan or organise other areas in my Planner too?


Consider all these questions about how you use your planner to help you narrow down your search!

Here's how I use mine -

- How do I use my Planner? Does it sit on my desk all year? Is it in my bag all year?

Mine goes with me everywhere, so it has to be durable and ideally not fabric. Fabric tends to soak in stains and ends up looking ratty quite quickly! It also sits on my desk a lot, so i love being able to have a planner that can open and sit flat.

- Why do I use my Planner? Do I use it to plan AND document or JUST to plan?

I use mine to plan my weeks, to create to do lists, to keep tabs of social events, to meal plan, to write my grocery list. Most things end up being planned in my planner.

- Do I use it for work or social? Or both?

Both, I plan appointments, brunches, meetings, to do lists, monthly strategy, parties, and catch ups!

- Do I need space to take notes and dream?

I love being able to take notes weekly, it helps me keep track of what I need to remember. The biggest lie i tell myself is "I'll remember that". I do have a seperate book that I take weekly notes in, but its a bonus when everything is together!

- Do I need to meal plan or organise other areas in my Planner too?

I love being able to meal plan, have a running grocery list for the week and have a notes section each week!


So here's the summary of what I look for in a planner

- Durable cover that will outlast coffee splashes, being bumped around in my hand bag, being walked across by my cat and survive the ever inevitable pen swipes.

- A5 size - I find this is the perfect fit for my handbag as well as being able to actually see everything in one swift go.

- Week to a page - I don't have meetings all day that I need to track by the hour and I love being able to see my whole week at a glance.

- Space for notes/meal planning/grocery list, ideally on each week!

- Multiple Ribbons dividers - the more the merrier to make for easier access to the areas I need.

Without further ado, my top picks for 2020 Diaries (in no particular order!)

An Organised Life 2020 Weekly Diary

$39.99 + $8 Shipping

Colours - Black leather with either White or Gold detail on the front

My pick - Gold detail

A classic minimal look diary with hard wearing leather with luxe acid free paper and gold foil details. This beauty is all about that minimal, monochrome look with clean lines and clean design.


What's new in the 2020 Planner?

- Budgeting pages

- Monthly Motivational Quotes

- 'My highlight from the week' every Sunday - LOVE this feature to be able to reflect on the week that was and practice gratitude.

- 'This weeks goal or focus' - Brilliant!!



- A5 Size

- Week to page layout

- Leather look cover

- Acid Free Paper

- Goal and Budgeting pages

- 2 ribbon bookmarks

- Elastic Closure



- Lightweight - super great for taking with you on the go

- leather look cover - will be hard wearing but not heavy

- Able to get monogrammed

- Budgeting and goal setting sections

- Focus of the week at the beginning of every week - love love this feature, especially that you can set new intentions, focuses or goals each week, not just each month or year!



- Not many things to complain about here! It does only come in two colour ways, but it is a minimal, monochrome brand, so it makes sense!



A simple, minimal, understated diary that would be great for on the go and still look fab on your desk.

Other Planners in the An Organised Life Collection

Emma Kate Co 2020 Weekly Planner

$59.00 + $10 Shipping

Colours - Nude Rose, Botanical Green, Rust, Grey, Red Wine, Garden Dweller, Burgundy Rose, Champagne

My Pick - Nude Rose or Rust

Wowee, each and every year Emma Kate produces such magic infused diaries, and this year is no exception! With a HUGE line up of colours, she's covered all bases and made it extra hard to choose a fave colour!

I chose an Emma Kate Co Planner for my 2019 Diary and have loved it, read on to find out what I loved most.


What's new in the 2020 Planner?

- 6 new monthly spreads at the end of the year, to help you dream all the way in to 2021

- 2 brand new sticker sheets in the back pocket

- Monogramming the front cover with your initials is now available

- New pen loops that you can add on to your diary




- Weekly and Monthly spreads for 2020

- an additional 6 monthly spreads at the end of 2020

- Vertical layout

- Same amount of space for weekends and weekdays

- 18 dot grid pages for note taking, doodling and dreaming

- 3 ribbon dividers

- Expandable pocket

- 2 x Rose Gold sticker sheets

- Rose Gold foiling edges



- Vertical Layout - I loved having a vertical layout, it's honestly a game changer and makes so much sense for the way my brain thinks and plans a day.

- 3 ribbon bookmarks - so so helpful to have one in the current week, one in the current month, and one on your current doodling page.

- Comes in fabric or matte laminated finish

- The experience - we all know Emma Kate produces beautiful diaries, but the experience of receiving one and opening it is beyond anything else. With a box filled with confetti and sweet little extras that make you swoon, Em has really created the most magical experience!



- Emma Kates Diary is a minimal one, which means there aren't bells and whistles every second page like a meal planner or savings guide (this can be seen as either positive OR negative!)




Emma Kate creates the most magical experience and helps you to foster your dreams in a beautiful, minimal way. Such a beautiful, practical diary in a HUGE array of colours, the hardest part is choosing your fave!



Other colours by Emma Kate Co

Bianca Cash The Datekeeper 2020


Colours - Vintage Forest Green, Dusty Blush, Oatmeal Linen, Cornflower Blue

My Pick - Dusty Blush or Oatmeal Linen

This years Bianca Cash Diaries are B-E-A-utiful! The colour selection is gorgeous and there are several new editions that make them ultra cute! Read on to find out all the deets...



- Week to a page layout

- Weekly to-do list section

- Starts December 2nd 2019

- Equal space for weekdays and weekends

- Weekly 3 things I'm thankful for

- Hand written and drawn illustrations throughout

- Expandable pocket at the back

- Sticker sheets


What's new in the 2020 planner?

- Two new sticker sheets with the sweetest illustrations

- Comes in a keepsake hard cover box

- Now has an expandable pocket at the back to keep all your notes and receipts




- The colours - SUCH sweet colours this year, the Dusty Blush and the Oatmeal Linen look divine!

- Love when a diary starts end of 2019 so you can start using it right away

- Weekly 'Things to Do' section

- 3 things you're grateful for - I LOVE that this is a weekly spot to reflect on gratitude

- Printed on woodfree stock



- Fabric Cover - I thrash my diary, so it needs to be hardwearing and survive all the splashes and pen marks of life, and I find that fabric diaries aren't as hardy, although the Forest Green Colour might stand up better than the rest as it's darker!

- Only one ribbon marker (would love to see 2 or 3!)




Always SUCH a cute diary, it's minimal and sweet, great colour selection this year and sticker sheets that are adorable!


Other colours by Bianca Cash

Saint Belford Curation 2020 Diary

$59.95 + Free Shipping

Colours - Signature Black, Royal Blue, Sage Green, Tropical Paradise

My Pick - Sage Green

This years Curation is FULL to the brim with features that help you to kick goals, track your self care, pre-plan your week, save money and even meal plan your week.

Honestly this diary goes above and beyond what most diaries do! I LOVE that it covers so many areas of life that need organising or reflecting on.




- Week to a page layout

- Daily self care planner/habit tracker on each page

- Gratitude Reflection each week

- Pre week planner

- Meal Planner

- Goal tracker

- Savings Goals

- Two ribbon dividers

- Wood-Free paper

- Four colour choices



What's new in the 2020 planner?

- 20 grams lighter than last years

- Pre-weekly planner now has a Gratitude section

- Weekly and monthly spreads now start on Mondays not Sundays




- Pre-week meal planner - I LOVE having a meal planner in my diary. We always meal plan at the start of the week and having a dedicated spot for it in my diary is perfect,

- Checklist on each page - having a space for your day to day activities ASWELL as a checklist means that everything can be in the same spot.

- Habit tracker - so great to be able to physically tick off your wellness habits like going to a class, stretching, drinking your 8 glasses of water or getting 8 hours of sleep a night.

- Daily self care planner - perfect for scheduling in your workouts or activity

- Drawing board - so brilliant for getting your ideas on paper, and seeing where they go



- One of my only cons is that this years doesn't come in a pink/blush shade

- While I LOVE the layout of this diary, and it works for my lifestyle, there might not be enough room to keep track of all your appointments/meetings if you have a lot to schedule each day.




A diary packed with amazing features that focus in on wellbeing, self care and purpose. Again this year, it's basically like your perfect place to record all the things you have 24 different apps for. Love that this years is lighter weight too - perfect for on the go!

Other Colours by Saint Belford

Write To Me 2020 Weekly Planner

$39.95 + $9.95 Shipping

Colours - Blush, Mustard (and then two collaboration designs with

Bridget Bodenham in Navy Dots & Pink Check)

My Pick - Pink Check or Blush

My first time featuring Write to Me, and what a great year to start, with a great collaboration with fun designs.



- A5 Size

- Weekly 'This side for/That Side for" layout

- Monthly planner at beginning of each month

- Flatlay bound

- Same amount of space for weekdays and weekends

- Fabric bound with gold foil details

- 2 ribbon bookmarks

- Elastic to keep everything together



- "This side for/That side for" - such a great layout idea to be able to keep your differing life roles in one place but seperate ie. Mum & Work, Life Admin & Work etc

- Great having a notes section on each page

- Love having same amount of space for weekdays and weekends

- Great to have the options of the collab with Bridget and then just plain colourways



- Fabric bound - can get tatty or marked easily!



Love that there is a divide on each page to be able to keep different parts of your life organised but together. The collab designs are really sweet, the only let down for me is the fact that it's fabric, but I do imagine the designs look better on fabric than on laminate.

Other colours by Write to Me

MiGoals Soft Cover 2020 Diary

$29.95 + $7.00 Shipping

Colours - Aqua, Grey, Pink, Black, Olive, Dark Blue

My Pick - Pink or Olive

The cheapest diary in this line up, with some great features.



- Week to page layout

- Notes section on each page

- habit tracker on each page

- 10 short term goal setting templates

- 2 ribbon dividers




- Notes section on each page - great for scribbling to do lists or things not to forget

- Two ribbon dividers - the more the merrier

- Habit tracker on each page - great to keep track of those little habits that make a big difference

- Cheapest diary in this round up - a steal for under $30!

- Great colour selection



- Would love to see the ribbon dividers being a pretty colour to match each colour



Other colours in the Soft Cover 2020 Diary by MiGoals

Fox & Fallow 2020 Planner in Floribunda


Colours - Floribunda Print

A sweet floral design with a great weekly layout and in the prettiest shade of pink!


- Week to page layout

- Two ribbon bookmarks

- Elastic closure

- Patterned end pages

- Illustrated month pages

- Places to Visit Section


- Vertical Layout - love this for list and appointment making

- Notes section below each day

- Elastic closure - great for keeping everything together

- 2 ribbon markers - love when there are more than one!

- the sweetest 'places to visit map' - I've never seen that in a diary before and it is such a sweet little addition!



- Only one design to choose from

- Smaller sections for weekends


A pretty diary that has a great vertical layout. Looks like it will be a sturdy diary as well as a pretty addition to your desk!

Bespoke Letterpress Linen Bound Petite 2020 Planner


Colours - Rust

A beautifully printed diary, the inside pages are just stunning, and a great Rust colour for the outsude fir Bespoke Letterpress' first foray into a petite sized diary.



- Rust linen bound cover with Gold foil detail

- Gold gilded edges

- Illustrated internal covers

- 2 ribbon bookmarks

- Flat lay binding

- Heavy weight, environmentally friendly paper



- All the details are beautiful - the gold gilded pages, the internal cover pages that are illustrated, the gold foil detail on the front cover.

- The rust colour is gorgeous

- Weekly Layout

- 2 x ribbon bookmarks - winner



- Fabric cover

- No space on each page for note taking (but does have note pages at the back!)



A beautifully designed diary with a focus on the small details. Can't get over how beautiful those illustrations are and especially when paired next to the rust - so beautiful!

Other styles by Bespoke Letterpress

Special mention, but not technically Australian Made...

Made of Tomorrow 2020 Weekly Planner


Colours - Khaki, Black, Pale Grey

My Pick - Pale Grey

While not Aussie made, it is New Zealand made, so close enough right!

Huge special mention to this amazing diary because it's made with recycled coffee cups! Yep, you read correctly, the whole diary is made with used coffee cups and is the first of its kind to do so!


To Recap!

Best Diary for dreaming - Emma Kate Co

Best Diary for Minimal Style - An Organised Life

Best Diary for Durability - Saint Belford or MiGoals

Best Pretty Diary - Emma Kate Co or Bianca Cash

Best Cute Diary - Bianca Cash

Best Patterns Diary - Fox & Fallow, Write to Me or Bespoke Letterpress

Best Diary for your handbag - An Organised Life or MiGoals

Diaries available in Pink - Emma Kate Co, Bianca Cash, Write To Me, MiGoals

Best Eco-Friendly Diary - Made of Tomorrow

My Pick This Year - Saint Belford


Which 2020 Diary will you be

choosing this year?

October 08, 2019 — Kate Hodolic