Top 5 2017 Paper Diaries for Australian Creatives



As much as my husband thinks my life would be so much easier if I went tech with my diary, I know deep down it will NEVER happen! I love having a paper diary WAY too much, being able to see it all spread out in front of me, being able to hand write and scribble out, a doodle here, a  doodle there, even tea stains and pressed flowers add to the beauty of my paper diaries!
Over the years I've had heaps of different brands of diaries. I've tried lots, and figured out what I love and what I loathe in diaries. This year I'm finding it particularly hard to choose from the huge array of gorgeous choices, but here are my Top 5 Australian 2017 Paper Diaries, with pros and cons of each, hope this helps your 2017 Diary hunt, as much as I'm hoping it'll help me narrow down mine! 

An Organised Life 2017 Diary

An Organised Life 2017 Diary

$49.95 - Free Shipping

The classic lines and Monochrome details of the An Organised Life Diary are simply stunning. You know it will always look gorgeous in your Instagram Desk Flatlays, and will also hold up in your handbag well!
This Weekly A5 diary features
- Weekly page view
- Monthly overview at the beginning of every month
- Hard back cover encassed in Black fabric
- Black elastic to hold pen
- 1 x ribbon to mark pages
- Goals page, New Year's Resolution Page, Notes Pages
- Australian Public Holidays

An Organised life 2017 Diary Desk


- Comes with a FREE pen - handy

-  Weekly page view - THE best kind!

- Tonnes of note pages, plus Goals page - BIG tick!

- Lies FLAT on a desk top thanks to new binding - HUGE tick!

- Monochrome gloriousness!

An Organised Life 2017 Diary Flatlay


- My only CON is that it just has a single ribbon not a double, would be great to have two, one to pop into the current week, and one to pop into goals/current notes

An Organised Life 2017 Diary Flatlay 2

Blacklist studio 2017 Diary

Blacklist Studio 2017 Diary

 $39.95 + $10 Shipping


This soft cover leather diary is seriously gorgeous! Blush leather with Gold Foil lettering on the front - yep, you had me at hello! I LOVE the front cover design of this diary, but soft cover may mean it doesn't hold up as well throughout the year.


This Weekly A5 diary features

- Soft Leather cover (Black or Blush)

- Weekly page view

- Ribbon Bookmark

- Note Pages

blacklist studio 2017 diary


- Leather cover and gold foil - seriously gorgeous

- Weekly Page View - The best kind

- Heaps of Note Pages

blacklist studio 2017 diary


- Leather cover could also be a con - not sure if it would hold up well in your handbag throughout the year

- It looks like this baby is just a diary with some note pages, I know that's what diaries are supposed to be, but with all the other diaries offering some more features, this one does seem a bit thin on the planning and goals side. 

- Layout - while its good to have large dates throughout, it doesn't actually leave that much room to write your daily tasks and appointments

Copper and Chrome 2017 Diary

Copper and Chrome 2017 Diary

$29.95 + $8.95 Shipping

This gorge (again Monochrome!) diary ticks a WHOLE lotta boxes! The design itself is seriously gorgeous, and the function is so handy!

This Weekly A5 diary features

- Black wire binding

- Lays flat when open

- 2017/2018 yearly overview

- Monthly Overview

- Notes Pages

- Aus Public Holidays

copper and chrome 2017 diary



- WIRE BINDING! - this is a total winner in my book (ha, literally), it means that you can lie it flat on your desk, or even turn it over to rest on your knee - SO handy!

- Seriously gorgeous layout and design - this baby is made by Graphic Designer Claire Callander, so she gets the whole pretty & functional thing! 

copper and chrome 2017 diary


- No goals pages - there are plenty of notes pages though!

- No ribbon marker - pretty easy to attach one to the wire though

MiGoals 2017 Diary

MiGoals 2017 A5 Goals Diary

$34.95 + $6.95 Shipping


With a huge array of colours, this diary is a serious looker! After much consideration, if i was going to get this diary, I'd go for the grey!

This Weekly A5 diary features

- Week to 2 page spread

- Monthly goal planners

- Sections for purpose and vision planning

- Habits tracker

- Budget planner

- Monthly overview

- 2  x bookmark ribbons

MiGoals 2017 Diary


- Colours - SO many colours to choose from - Coral, Grey, Navy, Mint, Black

- Goals tracking - I find this SO handy and genius, instead of having a separate book for goals tracking, this makes it so easy to see what you've got coming up each month and can create goals accordingly.

- Habits tracker - genius

- And a Budget planner! Seriously this diary has thought of everything!


MiGoals 2017 Diary

MiGoals 2017 Diary


- My only con is that you probs would be able to lie this baby particularly flay on your desk


Emma Kate Co Planner

Emma Kate + Co Planner

$59.00 + $10 Shipping

I just had to sneak this beautifully thoughtful diary into the mix. Emma Kate has created a seriously gorgeous diary that appeals to the creative, go with the flow area of my personality. I have never seen a diary designed like this before - with a vertical layout, more room for the weekends, and space to create and draw.


- Vertical layout for more writing and list making

- Fabric cover in Blush or Grey

- Monthly and Yearly overviews

- Dotted pages to draw and create

- Extra space for weekends

- 2 Ribbon Bookmarks

- Bottom of the page tabs

Emma Kate Co Planner


- Vertical Layout - this makes SO much sense to me. I am forever writing lists in my diary, and a horizontal layout makes it annoying, but this is pure genius.

- Bottom tabs to create more space for writing - amazing!

- More space for weekends - GENIUS!


- Having pages to draw and list write and think and dream, just brilliant!



- My only con would be that I don't think this beauty would lie flat on the table.




I may or may not be more confused than ever about which diary to get for 2017, but I think at this point in time, I'm tossing up between the Migoals Diary and The Emma Kate Co Planner! Which one is your pick?



November 29, 2016 — Kate Hodolic